Admin Portal: Usage Data

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The Admin Portal includes simple, high-level metrics of the total number of users connecting to each sales rep’s security code:

  1. Login at //
  2. Select the Title Reps page
  3. Column “# Users” shows the total number of end users that have connected to a Rep’s code
  4. Column “Security Code” shows the rep’s security code.
    1. Clicking on the Security Code will open up a detail view showing the username, and date/time of last use.
    2. The system updates the date/time stamp each time the user accesses the app
  5. Going back to the Title Rep page list, in the upper-right there is an “Export Data” button (you may need to use a scrollbar at the bottom of your browser window)
    This will pull a spreadsheet of the title reps page, including the code and # of users.

The Admin Portal does not track the number of searches users have completed. The Admin Portal also does not track “new” users monthly, simply total number of users connecting to each code.

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