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Android: How to completely close an application

When you press back or home within an application on your Android Device, the application does not completely close – it is still running in the background on your device.  Exiting an application on an Android device is the equivalent of minimizing a screen in windows.

There are several reasons it may be helpful to completely close an application – perhaps your device is running slowly (with many apps running in the background).  Having many apps running in the background can also burn battery power.  Completely closing an application may also help troubleshoot some issues you may be having.


  1. From the Home screen of your device, click “Settings”
  2. Select “Apps”
  3. Scroll down list, select the app you wish to close
  4. Tap the “Force Stop” button to end the app’s running process and completely close it




Android: Recently Updated Security Code Issues

If you recently updated the security code on your application, but are not seeing the correct “Title Representative” contact details populated/updated, you may need to restart your device.

  • Please completely turn off, and then turn back on your mobile device
  • To prevent the issue from recurring in the future, there may be an update available for your application.  Please check the Google Play store and download any updates to your app.

If the issue persists, please contact us at

Password Requirements: No Special Characters

We recently discovered a glitch affecting passwords that contain special characters (ex: @, #, $, $).  Special characters are transformed into a different string of characters, which results in a problem with authentication (users will receive an error message indicating their username/password could not be validated).

Recommendation: Use only alphanumeric passwords (letters, and numbers, no spaces).

Characters that are not permitted:
/ or
< or >
{ or }
{ or }

PropertyForce – Version 1.6 in development!

More improvements are underway in version 1.6.  We are creating fixes for the following bugs:

  1. Getting the GPS position can be too slow due to excessive delay between gps position reads.
  2. When the GPS code takes a long time, opening and closing the map will occasionally prompt a cupMarker NULL error.

We’ll let you know when 1.6 is available for download!

iOS – How to update an iPhone, iPad Application

Updating applications is easy and fast to do.

To update your application, you will need to have it previously installed on your device (if you do not already have the applciation installed, please refer to this article on how to download an application)

  1. From the Home Screen of your device, open the “App Store
  2. In the app store, at the bottom-right hand corner of the screen, click the icon for “Updates
  3. This will bring up a list of any applications currently installed on your device that have a new version available for update
  4. Once you have located the application you wish to update, click on the application name
  5. On the Update Information screen, click the “+Update” button
  6. Enter your Apple ID Password and hit “OK