iOS – Closing a program from Multitasking on iPhone, iPad

  • Double-click the Home button to load recently used apps
  • Select the application by tapping and holding on the application until the red minus appears.
  • Tap the red minus to quit the application. This also removes an application from recently used apps
  • Press the Home button to return to recently used apps. Then press the Home button again return to the Home screen
  • Locate and open the application you are troubleshooting to see if the issue is resolved

iOS – How to update an iPhone, iPad Application

Updating applications is easy and fast to do.

To update your application, you will need to have it previously installed on your device (if you do not already have the applciation installed, please refer to this article on how to download an application)

  1. From the Home Screen of your device, open the “App Store
  2. In the app store, at the bottom-right hand corner of the screen, click the icon for “Updates
  3. This will bring up a list of any applications currently installed on your device that have a new version available for update
  4. Once you have located the application you wish to update, click on the application name
  5. On the Update Information screen, click the “+Update” button
  6. Enter your Apple ID Password and hit “OK