Common login issues (and how to fix them)

I’m getting a message my login is NOT CORRECT or my ACCOUNT IS LOCKED!

Oh man, we know how annoying it is when you just want to get some work done and can’t get signed in!

The problem here is that the login you have entered on your app isn’t right (and sometimes after trying it wrong too many times you can even get locked out).

The good news is, its really easy to fix — just follow these steps!

My account says it is SUSPENDED — help!

If you receive a message on your app that your account is suspended, here’s how to resolve it:

Your account administrator, often the person who provided your login or the customer service contact for your Title Company, needs to go to the Admin System (Title Profile) and check on your account settings indicated in the screenshots below (click to view full-size):

Need more assistance with this?  Contact the support for Title Profile at or 877-436-3282 (Option 2)

Please note that while our company develops the mobile app, we do not have account access and are not able to assist with this process.

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