Find Profiles With Camera View

Use your camera view to identify a property and locate the profile.


  1. Standing outside, hold your device in portrait orientation and point at the property
  2. Once the Shutter button turns green, your search can be completed
  3. Tap the shutter button to identify the property
  4. When a profile is located, an address will be suggested
    • Select the address to open the profile
    • If the address is not what you expected, use map view instead to locate a nearby profile


For best results, use outdoors.
Tall buildings, your vehicle, large metal objects may interfere with Camera View.

Make sure you are using a device that is GPS-capable, with GPS-enabled.

Android users may need to calibrate their compass.

Hold the device in portrait orientation.


What devices is this feature compatible with?
This feature works on most GPS-enabled phones and tablets, and must be connected to a cellular network at the time of use.
Not compatible with iPod Touch, non-3G iPads or Android devices without a GPS chip.

Where is the photo?
No photo is taken.

The shutter button is red, and I can’t search for a profile.
Are you standing outside?
Make sure you are not inside your car, or next to any large/metal objects that may interfere with GPS.
Does your device have GPS functionality?
If your device does not support this feature, the shutter button will always be red.

I did not get a report for the property I was expecting.
Are you holding the device in Portrait orientation?
Are you directly in front of the property you are trying to identify?
Android users may need to calibrate their compass.
The property may not be “Geocoded” by Google, the service being used to locate profiles. Google’s Geocoding service is also only accurate within 15 feet/20 degrees.

Interface Options

  • Shutter – Activates the search. When pressed, the lat, long and heading of the device are captured and the search begins.  When the shutter button is red, the feature is not available.  Green indicates Camera View is ready to search
  • ? –  Toggles instructions / tips view
  • I–  Toggles the info view – GPS data
  • Back  – Return to “Find A Property” menu

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